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Frequently Asked Questions about the Mindspun platform.

If you have a question not listed here, don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

Can I use my existing hosting and/or site?
Yes, any hosting will do as long as the site is accessible from the Mindspun platform.
Can I trial Mindspun before purchase?
Yes, you can connect your site to our test domain mindspun.site and see the optimization results. Trialing Mindspun in this manner does not affect your existing site in any manner.
Can I have a staging site?
Yes, our starter package is perfect for staging sites and you can use the test domain.
Will my content show up twice in search results?
No. Each page specifies a canonical URL telling search engines what URL is the definitive source for the page. Only the page specified in canonical URL shows up in search results. This means that you can safely try out Mindspun on a test domain without having to worry about search engines ‘finding it’, until you’re ready.
How does this compare to other software?  Aren’t there plugins for all this?
Some optimizations are available in other ways but no current platform provides all them, especially in a single platform.