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Getting Started

Below is a guide detailing how to get started with Mindspun.

Trialing Mindspun is free

You can try out the Mindspun platform for free before moving your URL over to the platform. This means that you can see exactly what effect Mindspun will have on your site and it’s page score without having to commit.

The trial process works by using a Mindspun domain to host your content temporarily. You will need to create an account in order to run the test trial, however, no payment is required for the trial. Say your site is example.com, then your trial site would be https://example-com.mindspun.site. There you’d see an exact copy of your homepage with a much faster loading time and Lighthouse score.

The trial site will in no way conflict with your existing site for search traffic and may be deleted at any time. Email [email protected] with any questions and if you’re ready, create your free account here.


  • An existing, publicly-available website.
  • Although not required, we suggest a Cloudflare account containing the domain you wish to use – the free version will work to get started.
    • API Key
    • Account ID
    • Authorization email (the email of the account owner)
    • Zone ID
  • Mindspun API key


Installation depends on what type of site you have. See the help documentation specific to your hosting provider for details.

Download the zip file containing the plugin here.

If you’re using a WordPress website, click here



Selecting the trial checkbox allows you to try the platform on a mindspun.site host again, without affecting your existing site. 

If your site has the hostname www.example.com, then your trial URL would be https://www-example-com.mindspun.site – You’re replacing the hostname periods (.) with dashes (-) for the trial.

The canonical URLs will still point to your existing site, so search engines will ignore the trial pages.

Trial sites are also useful as staging and development sites.

You do not need a Cloudflare account to set up a trial.

Custom domain

Custom domains are how you’d host a production site. If you do not select the trial checkbox, the wizard walks you through the setup process, prompting for all required information.

On the final step, you’ll be prompted for a hostname. To use a bare, domain for your URL – e.g. to use https://example.com instead of say https://www.example.com – then enter the at symbol (@) as the hostname.


Once the platform is installed and setup, Mindspun conducts its first crawl of your site. The first crawl can take awhile, since all pages and assets must be discovered. Subsequent runs only look for changes and are much faster.

Check to make sure you have selected the desired optimizations and settings on the “Settings” tab, then start a crawl using one of the following methods:

  • Automatically – Save a page on your site
  • Manually – Click the link on the ‘Home’ tab

Usually you won’t need to manually start a crawl, as the platform will respond to any changes automatically.

Updated on July 11, 2022